August 22nd, 2019 by Aqua Nor

Young talents: Sustainability important for visiting students

The students from the aquaculture program at Skjervøy High School are visiting Aqua Nor. The youths feel very welcome, are looking forward to working in the industry – and several have already plotted a course forward.

We meet four of the students who have travelled to Aqua Nor at the county stand of Troms and Finnmark. Here they have been exhibitors for the first few days. The 17-year-olds have also attended dinner with the county, where they have given speeches, and have seen the latest in technology for the aquaculture industry in the trade fair area.

Iben Wassnes

Want to come back

– Sometime in the future we will probably be back with our own stands, says Iben Wassnes. She says that all the new technology at the trade show an exciting development, and that they have been surprised by how much new things are happening among technology suppliers – and how many of them there are.

Siril Jørgensen agrees.

– The supply chain in this industry is extremely exciting. I have always thought that I should work directly with food fish at sea. Here we see that there is a need for people in all parts of the value chain in the industry – and in all types of roles in those companies. There are many more opportunities than I thought before, she says.

Lars Erik Kaspersen


Jørgensen and his fellow students are concerned about future sustainability in the industry.

“Companies have to think anew if it is to grow, and if they are to grow now they must think sustainability first,” she says.

Lars Erik Kaspersen has also been involved in sustainability issues.

– I think both biology and technology development are exciting. I think salmon lice is the biggest challenge in the industry now. In addition, I am interested in angling, am passionate about wild fish, and thus have another reason to dislike salmon lice. In the future, we must run a business that is as clean and sustainable as possible, he says.

Siril Jørgensen

Many small challenges…

Iben Wassnes summarizes the challenges of sustainability.

– My impression is that there are small things that create big challenges. There is plastic in the sea from ropes used for small and simple operations, medicines from treatment end up in the sea – and in sum, all these small things become major challenges that must be solved.

At the same time, Siril Jørgensen would like to thank the county for having experienced the aquaculture fair in Trondheim.

– This has been exciting for us, and we must thank both the region of Nord-Troms and the industry.

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