August 22nd, 2019 by Aqua Nor

Young talents: Smolt producer at Smøla managed by Christian (25)

On Wednesday, the holding company Smølen Handelskompani AS announced that they would bring together all their companies under one common brand, Nekton. Christian Wikan (25) becomes the new general manager of the company, which is now going to grow even bigger.

– I have worked in the company since 2016 and have some experience from most roles, says Wikan.

Great responsibility at a young age

Now he has been given overall responsibility for both the biology, the economy and all the technical services that the Smøla company works with. He thinks it’s an advantage that he got into the industry at an early age.

– I started my career in the aquaculture industry as a fish farmer at Salmar. I think the job as fish farmer can be a good way into the industry for others, too, says Wikan, who encourages all young talents to explore their aquaculture opportunities.

– There is a flat structure in many companies in the industry, and especially in the small ones. It means that everyone talks to everyone – and that they talk to and learn from leaders quickly after they come into work.

Wants more young talents in the industry

Nekton is already working actively to make the road shorter and easier for those who are considering taking education aimed at the blue industries.

– We are now working to establish a collaboration with Kristiansund High School. Being able to see the industry with your own eyes and experience how it works at the hatchery, the fishery facility and out on the cages is important for the students to understand the industry properly, says Wikan.

Further growth for Nekton

Nekton will now continue to grow under Wikan’s leadership. He promises to continue the success formula of the farming adventure at Smøla.

– There has always been a heavy investment in R&D here, and we will continue to do so – including at our own research station at Gullklakken. We also have a goal of getting big on land-based operations in a relatively short time.

Will continue to solve problems

The most important thing is to continue the ability they have always had to create innovation and solutions, based on the challenges that constantly present themselves when working with live fish.

– It’s been our strength all the way. The founder of the company and everyone who have been involved in the company’s history has worked tirelessly and purposefully to find solutions to all challenges that present themselves. We are now well positioned to continue this work, says Wikan.

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