August 22nd, 2019 by Aqua Nor

Young talents: Karen (27) inspires thousands in social media

Karen Kirstine Østerhus has in a short time become a well-known face in the aquaculture industry. On Tuesday, she was at the front when the Crown Prince took a trip to the Stim booth, and she has previously told the trade press about both the great engagement she has created in her Instagram account Stolt av laksen – and not least her unlikely way (in Norwegian) into the industry.

Even before she finished her studies, she was secured a job at Stim, which at that time was called Europharma.

Dependent on challenges

Since then she has become regional manager for Northern Norway, with responsibility for sales. No easy task for a young and promising talent. Just the way Karen likes it.

– You have to have challenges. Otherwise, it gets boring, she says, emphasizing that the aquaculture industry is a place for those who like to challenge themselves.

– My impression is that the only limitations are those you set for yourself. At Stim we have a very short distance to the management, which means that you get access to the expertise of very good people early. This is how it is possible to learn quickly if you wish.


Karen Kirstine Østerhus regional manager for Northern Norway, with responsibility for sales.

Everyone is welcome in the industry

Her own experiences from the industry have so far been very positive, which means that she also recommends that others apply to the industry at a young age.

– I have been very well received. I myself was sceptical about how it was going to be in the beginning. The thing is, the dedication to the fish is so great in this industry that everyone talks, shares and engages in their fields of expertrise. Then it’s easy to get close to those around you.

New generations taking over

She has also noticed the generation shift that is in full swing, which she notices, among other things, involves a constant growth both on the Instagram page and the hashtag she uses herself (#stoltavlaksen), and in the growth in the use of other topic hash tags.

– There are both more women and more young people in general applying for aquaculture-related positions. At the same time, it is constantly getting more difficult to get into the education programs that are relevant and the education the students end up with. There are great opportunities for everyone in the industry now,” concludes Østerhus.

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