Utstillerliste Aqua Nor 2019

Utstiller Land Stand id
A-Consult A/S Denmark A-183 5669
ABB AS Norway S-902 5305
AGA AS Norway F-536 5231
AISTech AS Norway A-115 5857
AKVA Marine Services Norway Skansen 5738
AKVA group ASA Norway D-338, Skansen 5140
AKVA group Land Based Norway Norway D-338 5742
AKVA group Software AS Norway D-338 5885
APRIA Systems Spain E-448 4610
AQS AS Norway F-541 5516
AQUA TRØNDELAG Norway F-539 5157
AQUAGREEN NORGE AS Norway E-450 5726
AQUALABO France A2-003 5846
AQUASUR Chile D-359 5863
AS Robinet Norway E-423 5109
ASK Safety AS Norway A-115 5617
ASTORPLAST AS Norway E-412 5874
Aalesund Protective Wear AS Norway A-100 4896
Aanderaa Data Instruments AS Norway D-344 5757
Aas Mek. Verksted AS Norway U-824 5136
Abyss Aqua Norway A-115 5610
Acapo AS Norway A-149 5104
Accon AS Norway A2-033 5390
Acrylicon Norge AS Norway A-096 5470
Ahlsell Norge AS Norway D-366 5888
Akva-Ren AS Norway G-702 5574
Akvaforsk Genetics Norway D-342 5560
Akvapartner AS Norway G-712 4829
Akvapla-niva AS Norway A-135 5198
Akvateknikk Norway U-810 4702
Alfa Laval Nordic AS Norway F-530 5057
Aller Aqua Norway AS Norway D-345 5597
Alltech Norway AS Norway D-365 5177
Altech AS Norway E-445 4971
Alvestad Marin AS Norway A-192 4228
Amar Shipping AS Norway Skansen 5931
Amatec AS Norway D-331 4594
Amokabel Norway AS Norway G-729 5537
Amu Marine AS Norway A-175 4331
Anda Olsen AS Norway A-115 5622
Anteo AS Norway F-580 5740
Aqua & Care AS Norway F-506 5273
Aqua Culture Supply ApS Denmark A-183 5628
Aqua Kompetanse AS Norway F-542 5517
Aqua Nor 2019 Norway F-500 5817
Aqua Pharma Norway F-563 5735
Aqua Robotics AS Norway D-345 5908
AquaBioTech Group Malta D-332 5250
AquaGen AS Norway D-333 5126
AquaMaof Aquaculture Technologies Israel D-322 5216
AquaOptima Norway A-157 5783
AquaScan AS Norway D-358 4187
Aquabyte AS Norway F-533 5163
Aquacultur fischtechnik GmbH Germany E-433 5554
Aquaculture UK UK F-512 5329
Aquafarm Equipment AS Norway A-176 5072
Aqualine AS Norway A-157, Skansen 4242
Aquality As Norway D-367 4950
Aquastructures AS Norway D-348 4246
Aquateknikk as Norway D-305 5408
Aquatiq AS Norway F-563 5151
Aquatiq Chemistry Norway F-563 5731
Aquatiq Consult AS Norway F-563 5730
Aquatiq Food Factory Norway F-563 5734
Aquatiq Hygiene Systems Norway F-563 5733
Arctic Havservice AS Norway G-702 5786
Arena Nordland Norway E-402 5213
Arktisk kunnskap / SALT (Troms) Norway G-702 5242
Arne Bjørnvold AS Norway E-402 5890
Artec Aqua AS Norway A-193 4570
Askvik Aqua AS Norway D-345 5901
Aspecto Marine Norway D-317 5819
Atlantconsult Marine AS Norway E-401 5721
Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association Canada A-156 4551
Atlantium Technologies Israel A-185 5391
Atlas Copco Kompressorteknikk AS Norway A-154 5708
Aukra Maritime AS Norway U-822 5214
Austevoll Aqua Norway G-714 4963
BASF AS Norway A2-016 5254
BEMA A/S Denmark A-183 5629
BI Norwegian Business School Norway A-097 4895
BIOLED Chile D-359 5865
BRUNVOLL AS Norway A1-215 5105
Baader Norge AS Norway F-559 4576
Badinotti Group SpA Italy A2-030 4693
Bamek AS Norway G-702 5791
BarentsWatch Norway A-139 5693
Beckhoff Norway A-155 5087
Benchmark Animal Health Scotland D-342 5557
Benchmark Genetics Chile Chile D-342 5561
Benchmark plc Norway D-342 5212
Bergen Hydraulic AS Norway A-178 5030
Bertel O. Steen Teknikk AS Norway A1-213 4885
BewiSynbra AS Norway F-557 4263
Bigman Norge Norway E-451 4241
Billund Aquaculture Denmark D-340 5222
Bio Marine AS Norway F-527, S-921 4267
BioMetrics AS / Nitto Seimo Co Ltd Norway A-106 5165
Biomark USA F-531 5058
Bioretur AS Norway E-431 4920
Blue Lice AS Norway D-345 5906
Blue Ocean Technology AS Norway D-345 5599
Blue Planet Academy AS Norway D-345 5910
Blue Robotics USA A-102 5566
Blue-Unit A/S Denmark A-183 5630
Blueye Robotics Norway S-906 5544
Blått Kompetansesenter as Norway F-545 5684
Bollfilter Nordic Norway A2-021 4197
Botngaard AS Norway D-337 4216
Bravo Marine AS Norway D-345 5602
Brimer AS Norway E-447 5097
Brødrene Dahl AS Norway D-326 4297
Bud og Hustad Forsikring Norway A-143 4245
Buholmen Båt AS Norway S-909 5440
Bureau Veritas Norway Norway D-330 4316
Busch Vakuumteknikk AS Norway E-425 4259
C-Feed AS Norway F-550 5779
CCOM AS Norway A2-001 5677
CM Aqua Technologies ApS Denmark A-183 5631
CageEye AS Norway G-720 4232
Carapax Marine Group AB Sweden A-119 4595
Cargill Aquafeed Ingredients USA F-564 5356
Carl Stahl AS Norway A-120 4223
Certex AS Norway D-372 4309
Cflow Norway F-520 5184
Chemco AS Norway U-806 5086
Clewer Aquaculture Oy Finland E-427 4614
Clæver AS Norway G-726 4996
Collector Bank AS Norway A-154 5703
Copenhagen Subsea A/S Denmark A-183 5632
Cowex A/S Denmark A-183 5671
Create View Norway A-115 5611
DAVI TURBO AS Norway A1-230 4314
DESMI A/S Denmark D-360 5641
DHI A/S Denmark D-360 5642
DNV GL Business Assurance AS Norway S-903 5447
DS Smith Packaging Sweden AB Norway A-154 5580
DS Smith Packaging Sweden AB Norway A-154 5579
DUWEL Norway AS Norway F-510 5282
Damen Shipyards Netherlands D-364 4547
Damstahl AS Norway A-165 4564
Danfoss AS Norway A1-224 5389
Danish Export Association - Fish Tech Denmark A-183, D-360 4233
Deep Trekker Canada D-304 5486
Defloat AS Norway A2-001 5065
Depro AS Norway D-345 5905
Ditech AS Norway A1-239 5199
Dongyang Mfg Co., ltd. Rep. Korea F-567 5217
Dunlop Hiflex Norway A2-013 5128
Døvigen AS Norway A-154 5704
EIVA-SAFEX AS Norway G-725 4193
EMS Teknikk AS Norway A1-226 5218
EUROFUSION AS - EFAS Norway E-412 5169
EVOY AS Norway S-911 5248
EXPO-NET Danmark A/S Denmark D-360 5643
Ecolab AS Norway A-154 5710
Ecomerden AS Norway A-107 4322
Ecotone Norway F-568 5230
Egersund Net Norway D-338 5739
Egersund Trading Norway D-338 5741
Eksportkreditt Norge AS Norway D-316 5613
Elcom as Norway F-554 5750
Electro Automation Austevoll Norway A-121 5838
Electro Team AS Norway A-115 5855
Elektro Bodø AS Norway G-728 5549
Elmarin AS Norway E-401 5691
Endeavor Chile D-359 5864
Endúr Sjøsterk AS Norway A-188 4913
Eneas Services AS Norway A-154 5696
Estro AS Norway D-345 5604
Exsto Offshoreutdanning AS Norway A-098 5014
F-Tech AS Norway D-345 5596
FIRESAFE AS Norway G-701 5284
FUNN AS Norway G-702 5570
Faivre France A-193 5724
Fiizk Norway D-337 5841
Filtra as Norway A2-002 4639
FindIT AS Norway F-511 5673
Finnøy Gear & Propeller AS Norway A1-207 4389
Fish Vet Group Norway D-342 5869
FishGlobe AS Norway D-345 5591
FishTech AS Norway F-581 4204
Fishency Innovation AS Norway D-345 5915
Fisheraquaservice / Stig Harry Norway F-554 5777
Fiskeri- og havbruksnæringens Forskningsfinansiering AS (FHF) Norway A-127 5181
Fiskeribladet Norway D-308 5556
Fiskeridirektoratet Norway A-124 5338
Fister Smolt AS Norway D-345 5898
Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted Norway D-350 5022
Fjell Biodry Norway F-550 5758
Fjell Technology group Norway G-702 5840
Fjordkraft AS Norway A-154 5700
Forskningsrådet Norway A-126 5027
Forskningstorget Norway A-125 5392
Fosen Regionråd Norway F-549 5522
Framo AS Norway E-418 4892
Franzefoss Minerals AS Norway E-435 5221
Frydenbø Industri AS Norway A1-227 5149
Frøya kommune Norway F-548 5521
Frøygruppen Norway S-918 5534
Frøystad AS Norway A-182 4630
Fuglesangs as Norway E-400 4178
Furuno Norge Norway G-752 5267
GEA Westfalia Separator DK Denmark A-183 5633
GIEK - The Norwegian Export Credit Guarantee Agency Norway D-316 4861
GLS tanks Int. GmbH Austria A-111 5171
GPA Flowsystem AS Norway D-366 5164
Gael Force Group Scotland D-335 4907
Garware Technical Fibres Ltd India D-313 5445
Garware Technical Fibres Ltd India D-373 5771
Gemi Boats Scandinavia AS Norway S-904 5467
Generator Solutions AS Norway A1-203 4601
Geoff Farrow LTD England G-714 5729
Georg Fischer AS Norway D-326 5728
Gjensidige Forsikring Norway A-143 5924
Global Maritime AS Norway D-345 5902
Goodtech AS Norway G-738 4953
Granberg AS Norway A-154 5705
Green Iceberg AB Norway A-154 5713
Green Iceberg AS Norway S-919 4608
Greenshore AS Norway A-141 5778
Grovfjord Mekaniske Verksted AS Norway G-702 5572
Grundfos Norway A1-233 5189
Gunnebo Anja Industrier AS Norway G-702 5859
Guri Kunna vgs Norway F-545 5685
HL.SKJONG AS Norway A2-012 5370
HP Norge AS Norway D-345 5595
HS.Marine S.r.l. Italy U-802 4857
HUBER Technology Norway E-443 5234
HUGG AS Norway S-910 5382
HYDAC AS Norway A1-232 4335
HYDEMA AS Norway A1-228 5111
Habasit Norge AS Norway A-099 5260
Hadsel Havn KF Norway E-402 5821
Hadsel Kommune Norway E-402 5820
Hallmaker AS Norway A-154 5712
Haplast AS Norway G-702 5569
Happy fish Norway D-307 5249
Hapro Electronics AS Norway A-124 5414
HavbruksConsult AS Norway F-551 5524
Havbruksloggen AS Norway F-556 5663
Havforskningsinstituttet Norway A-130 5187
Havkraft AS Norway D-345 5603
Havlandet Havbruk AS Norway D-345 5665
Havyard Group ASA Norway D-351 4264
Helgeland Plast AS Norway Skansen 5737
Helland Mekaniske AS Norway F-565 5407
Helseth AS Norway A-196 5369
Hemnes Mekaniske Verksted Norway E-402 5827
Hesbynett AS Norway G-728 4305
Hirtshals Havn Denmark A-183 5634
Hitra kommune Norway F-547 5520
Holdbar 2020 Norway A-154 5884
Hordaland fylkeskommune Norway D-345 5589
Hovde Maritim Norway E-402 5825
Hukkelberg Boats Norway F-523, Skansen 5174
Hvalpsund Net A/S Denmark D-360 5644
Hydrolicer Norway S-914 5311
Hydrotech - a part of Veolia Sweden D-360 5653
Hygienegruppen Norge AS Norway A-154 5578
Hymatech Norway S-920 5776
Hyperthermics AS Norway A-115 5854
IEC Telecom Norway A-115 5856
IMPEX AGENCY A/S Denmark F-532 5690
IMV Technologies France G-751 5319
INVE Belgium D-342 5868
IRAS A/S Denmark D-360 5645
ISO-Piloten AS Norway A-154 5707
If Skadeforsikring AS Norway A-154 5701
Imenco Havbruk AS Norway G-754 4676
InControl Havbruk Norway D-345 5593
Inchalam S.A. - Aquaculture Division Chile D-359 5862
Infront-X Norway D-337 5754
Inmatech AS Norway A1-237 5186
InnovaSea Systems Norway A1-218 5252
Innovasjon Norge Norway A-128 5225
Inrigo Norway F-550 5762
Inter-Supply AS Norway F-508 4937
IntraFish Media Norway D-308 5206
Isfell ehf. Iceland D-373 5875
Isurvey AS Norway E-402 5830
J. Weiberg Gulliksen AS Norway S-917 5424
JM Hansen AS Norway G-702 5571
JM Robotics AS Norway A-102 5139
JT electric Faeroe Is. G-730 5238
JUMO AS Norway A2-028 4249
Jiangsu G&G Netting Co.,Ltd China E-438 5656
KATAIX: SeaSolutions Chile D-359 5861
KGK NORGE AS Norway A1-200 4312
KNN - Kristiansund og Nordmøre Næringsforum Norway A-115 5624
KROMA A/S Denmark D-360 5646
KSB Norge AS Norway E-434 5182
KSK Aqua ApS Denmark D-360 5647
Kartonage AS Norway A-154 5709
Kjaergaard Maskinfabrik A/S Denmark A-183 5635
Koda Norway D-373 5877
Kompetanseklynge Laks Norway G-702 5789
Kristiansund og Nordmøre Havn IKS Norway A-115 5858
Krüger Kaldnes AS Norway F-566 5283
Kysthavnalliansen Norway F-554 5746
Kärcher AS Norway S-913 5514
LABOLYTIC AS Norway A2-003 4554
LIFT UP AS Norway G-731 4604
LabTjenester AS Norway F-550 5756
Labora AS Norway E-428 5233
Laksesystemer AS Norway A-154 5711
Landbruk & Maskin AS Norway E-449 4563
Landia A/S Denmark D-360 5648
Langset Maritime AS Norway A1-206 5317
Leif H Strøm AS Norway A1-205 4257
Leif Kølner Ingeniørfirma AS Norway A2-026 5211
Leverandørnettverk Alta Norway G-702 5790
Leverandørutvikling Havbruk Nord Norway G-702 5787
Lextor Marin AS Norway A-115 5609
Liaskar Engineering AS Norway E-412 5921
Libra Norway A-115 5620
Lilleborg AS| Norway D-368 5205
Linde Norway F-536 5727
Linertechnology AS Norway E-412 5878
Lumic AS Norway A2-005 4901
Lykkegaard A/S Denmark A-183 5636
Lyngsøe Rainwear AS Norway A2-035 5012
LØVOLD AS Norway F-556 4278
MB Hydraulikk AS Norway U-829 4295
MJK Automation Denmark D-344 5753
MMC First Process AS Norway D-351 5567
MPI AS Norway U-816 5194
MSD Animal Health Norge AS Norway D-347 4218
MacGregor Norway AS Norway A-163 5175
Magic Valley Heli-Arc USA F-581 5723
MalProff Norway A-154 5695
Malm Orstad AS Norway D-345 5903
Mapex AS Norway F-561 5607
Marel Norge AS Norway F-560 5197
Marin Design AS Norway E-401 5687
MarinHelse AS Norway G-702 5573
Marina Solutions AS Norway A-190 4334
Marine Construction AS Norway D-341 5185
Marint Kompetansesenter Norway A-115 5623
Maris Iceland D-373 5876
Maritech Systems Norway D-349 5435
Maritim Motor AS Norway A-115 5614
Maritim Sveiseservice AS Norway G-702 5575
Maskinfabrikken APOLLO A/S Denmark F-532 4304
Mattilsynet Norway A-139 4404
Mekon AS Norway F-538 4975
Melbu Systems AS Norway F-573 4189
Melcal AS Norway E-403 5478
Meløy vgs, avd. Inndyr Norway E-402 5822
Mithal AS Norway D-345 5913
Mivanor AS Norway E-426 4919
Moen Marin AS Norway A-162, Skansen 5046
Momek PTN Norway E-402 5823
Morefish AS Norway A-141 4243
Multiconsult Norway A-181 5224
Murueta Shipyards / Astilleros Murueta Spain D-324 5195
Møre Maritime Norway E-401 5036
Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommune Norway A-115 4217
Mørenot Aquaculture Norway A-101 5167
NCE Aquatech Cluster Norway F-550 5523
NLB Corporation USA E-417 5301
NMBU Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet Norway A-134 5188
NOFI AS Norway A-180 5016
NOPREC/Containerservice Norway F-554 5765
NORCE Norway A-138 4706
NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS Norway D-345 5667
NP INNOVATION AB Sweden D-329 5851
NSK Ship Design Norway A-197 4854
NTNU Norway A-131 5550
NUAS Technology Norway F-558 5760
Nagelld AS Norway D-345 5594
Namdal Aqua Norway F-554 5525
Namdal Ressurs AS Norway A2-006 4972
Napier AS Norway Skansen 5930
Nauplius Workboats BV Netherlands A-186 4525
Naviaq AS Norway A1-217 5245
Navy Rørvik Norway F-554 5751
Nessco AS Norway A-172 4280
Nexans Norway AS Norway D-310 5257
Ningbo Hope Net Manufacturing Co.,ltd China E-438 5655
Nippon Gases Norge AS Norway A-154 5582
Nitto Seimo Co Ltd Norway A-106 5552
Nofima AS Norway A-129 4323
Nofir as Norway E-429 5237
Nofitech AS Norway A-177 4940
Nogva Motorfabrikk AS Norway A1-240 5320
Nopla AS Norway A-154 5698
Nor-Fishing 2020 Norway F-500 5162
Nor-Mær AS Norway D-374 4173
NorClean Technology Norway D-373 5772
NorLense AS Norway A-187 4622
NorSap AS Norway A-108 5062
Norce Research Norway G-702 5788
Nord universitet Norway A-137 5192
Nordic Clean Pumps AS Norway E-424 4459
Nordic Steel AS Norway D-345 5900
Nordkontakt AS Norway G-710 4377
Norengros AS Norway A-154 5581
Norlex A/S Denmark A-183 5637
Normex AS Norway A-152 4872
NorseAqua AS Norway A-110 5275
Norsk Fiskeoppdrett AS Norway D-319 5353
Norsk Fiskerinæring AS Norway D-300 5115
Norsk Lastebærer Pool AS Norway A-154 5697
Norsk Signode AS Norway F-509 5415
Norsk Stål AS Norway A-179 4577
Norsk institutt for naturforskning (NINA) Norway A-136 4981
Northwest Solutions AS Norway D-306 4883
Norwater AS Norway A2-029 4978
Norwegian Electriv System AS Norway D-351 5568
Norwegian Marine Interior AS Norway A1-206 5770
Norwegian Weather Protection AS Norway A2-004 5274
Nærøysund Aquaservice AS Norway F-554 5747
Nøsted & Norway G-733 5377
OK Marine Norway D-338 5883
OTAQ Ltd UK G-732 5285
Ocein (Ocean Innovation) Norway A-115, S-905 5618
Oddesse pumpen und Motorenfabrik GmbH Norway E-424 5732
Oi! Trøndersk Mat og Drikke AS Norway F-539 5661
Olex AS Norway G-700 5112
Omron Norway A-174 5138
OneCo Technologies AS Norway D-345 5907
Opplæringskontoret for Sør-Fosen Norway F-539 5689
Opplæringskontoret for fiskerifag i Nord Trøndelag Norway F-539 5688
Optimar AS Norway U-812 5333
Optimeering Aqua Norway F-580 4545
OptoScale Norway A-170 5042
Otto Olsen AS Norway A1-220 5098
Overhalla Betongbygg AS Norway F-540 5515
Oxymat AS Denmark A-173 4498
PE Bjørdal Norway E-452 4873
PEPITe Belgium F-511 5278
PHARMAQ Norway D-355 5296
PMH Norway AS Norway S-907 5294
PROMEK AS Norway A-171 4825
PTS Shipyard Ltd. Poland A-184 5209
Panoptes AS Norway F-551 5715
PartnerMed Norway A2-027 5075
PatoGen AS Norway A-123 4185
Pelias Norsk Skadedyrkontroll AS Norway A-154 5577
Pemac AS Norway D-301 4744
Perfect Temperature Group AS Norway A-198 5576
Piscada AS Norway F-551 5714
Plany AS Norway G-750 5190
Plasson Ltd Israel E-412 5895
Plastinvent AS Norway A2-025 5202
Plexx AS Norway A2-031 5289
Polarny Maritime D&E AS Norway D-345 5600
Pon Power AS Norway A1-214 5388
Prairie AquaTech - ME-PRO USA G-736 5536
Prediktor AS Norway A-095 5419
Premas Norway A-115 5616
Preplast Industrier AS Norway A2-020 4945
Primozone Production AB Sweden A-151 5246
Pro-Flex AS Norway G-734 5297
ProAqua AS Norway D-356 4310
ProChile Chile D-359 5215
Proactima AS Norway D-345 5909
Progress Ingeniørfirma AS Norway A1-219 4261
Prosjektil AS Norway D-345 5904
Protan AS Norway A2-007 4987
Pump Supply AS Norway S-908 5453
Qingdao Wancheng Anchor Chain Co ,.Ltd China A-168 4325
Quantidoc AS Norway D-303 4850
RAGNAROK by Protex as Norway G-717 4993
RFID Solutions AS Norway F-570 4234
RIAWATECH AS Denmark A-183 5638
RK Plast A/S Denmark D-360 5649
RMIG AS Norway F-507 5312
Rainfall AS Norway D-345 5774
Rambøll Norway A-167 4687
Raymarine Norge AS Norway E-444 5002
Redox AS Norway A2-011 5340
Relekta AS Norway A1-212 4689
Rentokil AS Norway A-154 5699
Retificio Ribola snc Italy D-302 5295
Ri Zhao Hui Feng Net Co.,Ltd China E-430 5658
Rogaland fylkeskommune Norway D-345 5590
Rostein AS Norway U-818 5095
Roxel Group AS Norway D-345 5899
Rubb AS Norway A-154 5587
Rørvik Marina Norway F-554 5891
SBS Teknikk AS Norway G-711 4847
SEKISUI CHEMICAL GmbH Germany E-412 5894
SENECT GmbH & Co. KG Germany G-724 4948
SEW EURODRIVE AS Norway F-579 5228
SFD AS Norway D-345 5911
SHM Maritime AS Norway A-191, Skansen 5196
SIMONA AG Germany E-412 5896
SINTEF Norway A-131 5166
SKF Norge AS Norway A1-216 5244
SPECK Pumpen Verkaufsgesellschaft GmbH Germany E-420 5208
STERNER AS Norway D-329 5223
STILL Norge AS Norway U-820 5398
SailorsMate Norway G-719 5280
SallingPlast AS Denmark D-360 5650
SalmoBreed AS Norway D-342 5558
Salmoclinic Chile A-122 5191
Salsnes Filter AS Norway E-450 4364
Salt Ship Design AS Norway D-336 4565
Saltimport AS Norway A2-010 4921
Sander Holding Germany E-433 5463
Sandtorv Maskin AS Norway A1-234 5017
Satema Moelv Norway A1-201 5170
Scale AQ Norway A-157 5889
ScanBelt A/S Denmark D-360 5651
Scanship AS Norway A-161 4519
Scansub AS Norway E-402 5828
Scanvægt Systems A/S Denmark A-183 5639
Schneider Electric Norge Norway G-718 5210
Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) Scotland A-145 5694
Sea-Tek AS Norway A1-222 5203
SeaQuest Systems Ireland A-114 5132
SeaSmart AS Norway F-580 5759
SeaSpection as Norway S-901 5348
Seafarming Systems AS Norway D-345 5914
Sealine Products Norway E-402 5826
Searis AS Norway G-723 4939
Selstad AS Norway D-373 4303
Seløy Undervannsservice AS Norway E-402 5769
Sentec AS Norway D-311 4240
Sentronic GmbH Germany G-737 5418
Sentrum Næringshage Norway E-402 5834
Serge ferrari France E-446 4904
Servi Ulsteinvik AS Norway A1-211 5325
Signify tidligere Philips Lighting Norway G-749 4983
Sikkerhetssenteret Rørvik as Norway F-554 5745
Silikal Nordvest AS Norway G-716 5321
Sjøfartsdirektoratet Norway A-144 4294
Sjømat Norge Norway A-140 5337
Sjømatbedriftene Norway A-154 5585
Skaginn 3X Iceland F-577 4190
Skala AS Norway F-521 4997
Skamik AS Norway S-910 5725
Skarsvaag Boats AS Norway Skansen 5853
Sleipner Motor AS Norway A1-204 5262
Sletta Verft AS Norway E-401 5720
Sogn og Fjordane fylkeskommune Norway D-345 5588
Solar Norge AS Norway A-154 5583
Sotra Maskin Produkter AS Norway F-525 4168
Source Technology Denmark A-183 5670
Spektro AS Norway A-160 4596
Sperre AS Norway Skansen 5736
Sperre AS Norway S-912 5438
Stadpipe AS Norway A-142 5045
Stangeland Glassfiber Produkter AS Norway D-345 5601
Steen-Hansen AS Norway D-345 5598
Steinsvik as Norway A-158, Skansen 4306
Stiim Aqua Cluster Norway D-345 5605
Stim AS Norway D-321 5088
Stingray Marine Solutions AS Norway D-371 4894
Stofnfiskur HF Iceland D-342 5559
Stora Enso Sweden A-195 5173
Stranda Prolog as Norway F-524 5207
Strongpoint AS Norway A-154 5702
Strømbergs Plast AS Norway F-582 5270
Sub Aqua Tech AS Norway D-345 5666
Sub Connected as Norway E-402 5829
SubC3D AS Norway D-345 5912
Submerged AS Norway D-312 4848
Sulzer Pumps Wastewater Norway AS Norway A1-223 5372
Synfaring AS Norway A-148 5100
Synlab Analytics & Services Norway AS Norway A-154 5818
Sæplast Norway AS Norway F-572 5328
Sølvtrans AS Norway U-828 5134
TECNOS S.a.S. Italy A2-003 5847
TECTRIX Aqua Norway A-115 5619
TESS as Norway D-353 4328
TIALTA Norway F-580 5795
TMC Commercial England G-713 5220
TOMANOR Norway D-318 5168
Tag Sensors AS Norway E-402 5041
Taizhou Winstrong Special Net Co., Ltd. China E-438 5659
Techano AS Norway E-402 5833
Teknor System AS Norway A-185 5719
Teknor System AS Norway F-543 5476
Telenor Norge AS Norway A-154 5584
Telenor Norge AS Norway G-748 5227
Tenfjord Industrier AS Norway A-189 5131
Thelma Biotel AS Norway A-164 5108
Therma Industri AS Norway F-571 4192
Tjeldbergodden utvikling AS Norway A-115 5615
Tope Exhibition Services Co.,Ltd China E-430, E-438 5101
Tormatic AS Norway A-109 5253
Toyota Material Handling Norway AS Norway E-436 4909
Trail-Auto AS Norway A-154 5586
Trefjar EHF Iceland A2-015 5279
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Norway AS Norway S-900 5331
Triangel Business Solutions AS Norway A2-019 5345
Triway AS Norway E-402 5831
Trocken AS Norway G-747 5054
Trondheim kommune Norway F-546 5519
Trovan Ltd. USA F-569 5193
Truck Tek AS Norway A-169, U-800 4553
Trøndelag fylkeskommune Norway F-545 5518
Tufropes Pvt Ltd India A-199 5204
UiT Norges Arktiske Universitet Norway A-132 5266
Uni-Food Technic A/S Denmark D-360 5652
Univern/Swedol Norway D-363 5200
Uponor AS Norway D-345 5592
VAKI AS Norway F-526 5236
VAMAR AS Norway A-115 5922
VEGA Norge AS Norway A2-018 5255
VINK Norway AS Norway E-412 5873
VWR International Norway A-154 5706
Val fou Norway F-554 5752
Val videregående skole Norway F-554 5748
Valka ehf Iceland D-309 5247
Vard Group Norway D-369 5290
Vaxxinova Norway Norway D-333 5764
Vera Tank Norway E-432 5379
Veramaris Netherlands A-146 4908
Vest Jet AS Norway F-561 5606
Vestflow Norway D-314 4566
Vestlandets fellesstand Norway D-345 5241
Veterinary Histopathology Center SPA Chile D-359 5860
Veterinærinstituttet Norway A-133 4499
Vikingbase Havbruk AS Norway F-558 5082
Vikingbase Smolt Norway F-558 5761
Volt Service AS Norway A-150 5077
Vågen AS Norway A1-238 5292
Vónin Refa Norway D-320 5235
WATER - proved GmbH Wassermesstechnik & Aquakultur Germany E-437 5229
WIDOS Wilhelm Dommer Söhne GmbH Germany E-412 5893
Wago Norge Norway D-327 4317
Water - a part of OxyGuard Group Denmark A-183 5640
Water Linked AS Norway A-102 5565
Weihai Xinghaiyuan Fishing & Netting Tackle CO.,Ltd China E-438 5347
Wieland BlueSea Technology AS Norway A-112 4915
Wingtech as Norway U-825 5744
Wingvax Norway U-825 4941
Wsense SRL Italy G-715 4867
Wuchuan Honest Fishing-Net Co., Ltd. China E-430 5660
Wuxi Taiyu International Trade Co.,Ltd China E-438 5657
Würth Norge AS Norway U-830 4386
Xelect Limited UK A-153 4966
Xylem Analytics Norway D-344 5076
Xylem Norway Norway D-346 5256
YANMAR Europe BV Netherlands A1-229 5326
YDRA AS Norway F-561 4181
YNVS Norway F-545 5686
YSI USA D-344 5755
Yara Norge AS Norway F-505 5775
Ytre Namdal videregående skole Norway F-554 5749
Zamakona Yards Spain A-159 5006
eButikken.no Norway G-753 4349
ePlast AS Norway F-575 4574
fiskerinæringens innkjøpsselskap as Norway A-154 4602
iTecSolution System & Services as Norway G-735 5183
meox Norway F-529 5172
neomar GmbH Germany E-433 5553
Åkerblå AS Norway F-544 5396
ØPD AS Norway E-422 5005
ØkonomiBistand Nord AS Norway E-402 5824
Øksnes Entreprenør Norway E-402 5767
Ølve Industrier AS Norway F-576 5004
Østerbø Maskin AS Norway A-121 4219
Øwre-Johnsen as Norway A1-208 4288
Øyangen AS Norway A-115 5621

Stiftelsen Nor-Fishing

Trondheim Spektrum
Klostergata 90
7030 Trondheim

Stiftelsen Nor-Fishing
Havnegata 9, inngang 1
7010 Trondheim

Stiftelsen Nor-Fishing
Postboks 1251, Torgård
7462 Trondheim
+ 47 73 56 86 40

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