Practical information Aqua Nor 2019

Stand rent
– Hall A, D and F: NOK 2,000,- per m2
– Hall A1, A2, E and G: NOK 1800,- per m²
– Outdoor area and Skansen: NOK 1000,- per m²

– Registration fee: NOK 4,000,-

The fee for indoor space includes standard system walls (Foga system) and a front sign.
All prices excl. VAT

The following are also incorporated in the stand fee:
– Invitation cards (10 cards per m2 stand) Free of charge.
– Catalogue listing on web and printed
– Cleaning of stands every evening

The Registration fee includes:
– Administration fee

For orders for your booth, please log in here: Orders for Aqua Nor Username and password will be sent to your contact person in the end of March 2019.

Foreign businesses are, on application, entitled to a refund of value added tax (VAT) paid on purchases of goods/services in Norway or of import of goods into Norway.

If you have any questions regarding the refund scheme, please contact:

A list with contact information of our suppliers can be found here


No items must be sent directly to the exhibition area until this is clarified with B. Iversen Spedisjon:

– Saturday 17 August: 7am – 8pm
– Sunday 18 August: 7am – 8pm
– Monday 19 August: 7am – 6pm

All work must be completed by Monday 6pm The reception area for goods to the exhibition is open during the hours of rigging.

External standbuilders will have access from Monday, August 12 but must complete all rough work by Saturday 17 August. Sunday 18th August can be used for fine work such as profiling, decor, etc

May commence immediately after the exhibition closes on Friday. Goods can be carried out of the exhibition area from 3pm on 18 August. Loading on trucks outside the exhibition halls can not be carried out until 5pm.

– Friday 23 August: 3pm – 10pm
– Saturday 24 August: 9am – 8pm
– Sunday 25 August: 9am – 12noon

Please observe that the outdoor area must be cleared by 12noon on Tuesday 27 August. Area guards on duty till 12noon Monday 26 August.

Opening hours
– Tuesday 20 August: 10am – 5pm
– Wednesday 21 August: 10am – 5pm
– Thursday 22 August: 10am – 5pm
– Friday 23 August: 10am – 3pm

Exhibitors have access to the area 1 hour before and 30 min. after regular opening hours. Exhibitors will have their own entrance to the exhibition area.

Cleaning of stands
All stands will be vacuum cleaned and all garbage will be cleared every night.

Access Cards:
You have to pick up the access cards at the fair (the registration) We encourage pre-registration, username and password will be sent by e-mail to your contact person.

Invitation Cards:
If you have received an Invitation Card (Free entry to Aqua Nor), you can register your ticket here.

There will be a free shuttle bus between the hotels and the exhibition area every day. NB. No return shuttle on the last day of the exhibition. See bus schedules here.

There is no parking at the exhibition area this year (2019).  You can buy parking in Sandgata Parking Facility for 19-23 August here, or read more about the Parking Facility here. There are also several parking houses in the centre of the city. See Trondheim Parking for availability.

The Nor-Fishing foundation

Exhibition adress:
Trondheim Spektrum
Klostergata 90
7030 Trondheim, Norway

Visiting adress, administration:
The Nor-Fishing Foundation
Havnegata 9, entrance 1
7010 Trondheim

Mailing adress:
The Nor-Fishing Foundation
p.o. box 1251, Torgård
7462 Trondheim, Norway
+ 47 73 56 86 40

Here you can see the website for Nor-Fishing


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