August 21st, 2019 by Aqua Nor

Hall G: Troms and  Finnmark in focus

In Hall G, both royals and other visitors get an appetite for both technology and seafood. Here we also find the county stand for Troms and Finnmark – and perhaps the answer to how we avoid a new algae crisis is also here among the exhibitors from the north.

Over 50 exhibitors are located in Hall G during the exhibition. And it is buzzing with life.

On the county stand of Troms and Finnmark, Arctic Knowledge, the Crown Prince has found both good food and technology on his visit. You can also do this when you pay them a visit.

Real-time algae monitoring

Among the exhibitors, you find for example the biologists and technologists at FUNN. In close cooperation with the aquaculture industry, they have developed a technology for monitoring algal blooms, a service which the Norwegian aquaculture industry urgently needed during the algal crisis this summer.

– Our sensor is placed in places where it is farmed and provides real-time information on algae levels. Collected data is stored and provides important historical documentation. The fish farmers can also use this documentation in relation to the management to show that the marine environment at the sites is back to normal – and thus they can start their production cycles again, explains Tone Rasmussen, marine biologist and general manager of Sea-Eco – one of the companies behind FUNN.

A strong culture of sharing in the industry

She is at the stand with technologist and engineer Bjørn Erik Rønhaug, who acts as the technology alibi in the alliance.

– Technology must be controlled by biology – our job is to effectively communicate useful data on biology and the environment by using technology. Fortunately, there is a strong sharing culture in the aquaculture industry, which means that a tool such as the algae monitoring that we have now created can have great potential for all players in the industry. If we get data from all localities, you can in the same way as with the salmon lice monitoring at BarentsWatch be told early on whether a new algae wave is blooming, says Rønhaug.

Benedikte Farstad Nashoug, project manager for the county stand.

The Crown Prince’s visit

Einar Hallstensen is hired as a chef at the booth for the occasion. For him, it was a natural highlight of the fair when Crown Prince Haakon came to taste the seafood he serves every day at the booth. It tasted great for Haakon, and for everyone else who has come along.

– This is the third year I have joined Aqua Nor, and the pressure is the same every year. We have fun, he says.

Great diversity on the stand

Today’s sweet dish was based, among other things, on rhubarb picked by the project manager for the county stand, Benedikte Farstad Nashoug. She is looking forward to even more visits to the exhibitors at the booth during the exhibition days.

– We have a great diversity among the exhibitors. Here you will find everything from students from the aquaculture department at Skjervøy High School, to high-tech innovation companies and researchers. We also hope everyone comes to our event at 1pm on Thursday, says Farstad Nashoug.

Companies exhibiting at the common stand for Troms and Finnmark:

  • Akva-Ren AS
  • Arctic Havservice AS
  • Arktisk kunnskap / SALT (Troms)
  • Bamek AS
  • Fjell Technology group
  • Grovfjord Mekaniske Verksted AS
  • Gunnebo Anja Industrier AS
  • Haplast AS
  • JM Hansen AS
  • Kompetanseklynge Laks
  • Leverandørnettverk Alta
  • Leverandørutvikling Havbruk Nord
  • MarinHelse AS
  • Maritim Sveiseservice AS
  • Norce Research

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