August 21st, 2019 by Aqua Nor

Hall E: Full of innovation

In Hall E you will find row upon row with small and large innovation companies. One of the largest stands is Nordland’s county stand. Both on the joint stand and elsewhere in the hall it is very exciting – pay a visit to this hall!

The big county stand, Arena Nordland, will showcase Nordland as a seafood county. The exhibitors standing here are diverse in both size and services.

Easy access from all sides

Hall E, which is located so that there is easy access both from the entrance at the back of Trondheim Spectrum – down to the outdoor area at Skansen – and from Hall A, is a perfect stopover after having been out for a snack, coming back from Skansen or having taken a round in Hall A. From the Main Entrance hall area, just follow the stairs and turn right to get there. See hall maps.

Arena Nordland in focus

As soon as you enter Hall E you will see the Nordland stand. Here there is a separate meeting room for the exhibitors that are part of the Nordlands stand, a chef who serves breakfast and lunch – and who also serves food during the semiknars. At 13:00 on Thursday, several of the companies on the stand will present exciting projects that are in the pipeline. Further into the hall are both small and large exhibitors, including Wuchuan Honest Fishing-Net Co. from China (E-430), Bioretur (E-431) and Bigman Filter (E-451).

GK_AquaNor_Onsdag_2019_FolkCircular economy

– We are pleased that there have been so many people coming in – and here we meet both new customers and new suppliers. We are here to talk about the circular economy and our solution for sludge treatment, says operating engineer Jan Knudsen in Bioretur.

Tomas Käll in Bigman Filter thinks it is positive that the participants of the fair are from so many different places in the world.

“We’ve had people come in from Greece, the Netherlands, England and several places in Asia already,” Käll said on Tuesday.

The fact that the visitors to the fair are international is in line with the company’s sales strategy – which is also international.

Many visitors to Arena Nordland

Back at Arena Nordland, the organizers are also happy with the exhibition so far.

– Our exhibitors are satisfied, and then we are satisfied. In the days ahead, we believe and hope for many more visits and more appointments, they conclude.

See interactive map of Hall E in our digital exhibition catalogue >

These companies are part of Arena Nordland (E-402):

  • Arena Nordland
  • Arne Bjørnvold AS
  • Hadsel Havn KF
  • Hadsel Kommune
  • Hemnes Mekaniske Verksted
  • Hovde Maritim
  • Isurvey AS
  • Meløy vgs, avd. Inndyr
  • Momek PTN
  • Scansub AS
  • Sealine Products
  • Seløy Undervannsservice AS
  • Sentrum Næringshage
  • Sub Connected as
  • Tag Sensors AS
  • Techano AS
  • Triway AS
  • ØkonomiBistand Nord AS
  • Øksnes Entreprenør

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