August 20th, 2019 by Aqua Nor

BAADER well positioned for further growth in their 100th year

Fileting, gutting, heading and processing. Not concepts we think about as inherently innovative. But BAADER does. At Aqua Nor they will be looking both backwards and forwards: Celebrating their 100th year in the industry – and at the same time showcase their cutting-edge solutions for digitalization.

The German company is still family owned. At stand F-559 we meet Petra Baader, current Executive Chairwoman – and granddaughter of founder Rudolph Baader. She looks ahead at a bright future.

– I’m really excited for the future of BAADER, we feel like we have established a healthy position in the market moving forward.

Petra Baader, Executive Chairwoman – and granddaughter of founder Rudolph Baader.

Business intelligence

Under her management, the company has developed technology that makes it possible to follow each individual fish as it leaves the fish processing facility.

– In our software our clients can see pictures of the fish, see what box they were packed into and see data on the fish and the batch it is a part of. We’ve invested heavily in the digitalization of our entire value chain – and believe we can help both our clients and the fish farmers with the data we now offer, says Baader.

Digitalization of fish processing

The effort for digitalization is necessary, says Baader and her colleagues.
– We are already getting all the meat we can from the fish. Further growth lies in the possibilities of data and business intelligence. In our dashboard clients can get the complete overview of all machinery in their factory – or drill down on a single machine or a single fish. This is adding value for our customers in an entirely new way. And this is only the beginning.

Rapid growth – rich history

100 years ago, BAADER started with making machines for gutting and fileting of herring. The company grew quickly because of the quality of their machines. In 1951 they launched the “BAADER 99” a machine for fileting whitefish. Some of the original machines are still in production to this day. That certainly speaks to the quality of these machines.

Today BAADER provides solutions for processing all types of fish species, in addition to selling processing lines for the poultry industry.

Three more days of Aqua Nor

Now the BAADER team is looking forward to the remaining days of Aqua Nor.

– We look forward to getting our message of the value we add to the entire value chain out there, and welcome everyone to our stand F-559, says Baader, who’s been participating at Aqua Nor for decades. Since 1997, she is also serving as Honorary Consul for Norway in Germany next to her business activitiesAt the stand, visitors can experience the rich BAADER history on an interactive table, learn more about their products – and see real live data from processing facilities using their new software.

The Nor-Fishing foundation

Exhibition adress:
Trondheim Spektrum
Klostergata 90
7030 Trondheim, Norway

Visiting adress, administration:
The Nor-Fishing Foundation
Havnegata 9, entrance 1
7010 Trondheim

Mailing adress:
The Nor-Fishing Foundation
p.o. box 1251, Torgård
7462 Trondheim, Norway
+ 47 73 56 86 40

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