March 28th, 2019 by Aqua Nor

Aqua Nor 2019: This is what the exhibition area will like be this year

As usual, Aqua Nor 2019 is packed with exciting exhibitors and relevant industry people. And this year, the exhibition area will be even bigger than before.

With a brand new exhibition hall, an exciting and rich program and a new and expanded outdoor exhibition area at Skansen – everything is ready for an eventful Aqua Nor 2019.

Meeting place
Aqua Nor is known for being the aquaculture industry’s most important meeting place. Here you are presented with new technology, can discover news in the industry and meet new and existing industry colleagues. A bonus is that the exhibition is held in the middle of the city. It means a bustling life in summertime Trondheim. This year, a lot is new. At the same time, we continue the success recipes from previous years.

New hall and entrance
Trondheim Spektrum and the exhibition area have grown. The new Hall A with over 4,500 square meters of exhibition area accommodates even more participants and visitors, in beautiful and modern surroundings.

We have a new main entrance in addition to the one from previous years – which means less queueing and increased accessibility for everyone. The new entrance is facing the Nidelven river and points straight out towards Skansen.

On either side of Hall A, tents will also be set up, which will further expand the exhibition area.

A large conference tent will also be at the main entrance. Here, as in previous exhibitions, there will be conferences, awards ceremony, lectures and other events.

One area – more possibilities
Skansen is an important part of the exhibition area. The area near the centre of the city and in the harbor is a gem – about five minutes walk from Trondheim Spektrum.

In between Skansen and Trondheim Spektrum, you also have one of the most convenient places to arrive at the exhibition if you’re flying in. You can take the train directly from the airport and get off at Skansen train station. There are also both scheduled buses and special shuttle buses leading to the same area, a part of Trondheim called Ila.  You can also walk to the exhibition grounds in 10 minutes from the city centre, or make use of a taxi. There will also be a parking garage next to Skansen where exhibitors and visitors can rent parking space.

Skansen, which has always been an important part of the exhibition area, is now growing in size, making room for more exhibitors and offering a broad range of food services.

In addition, Skansen is the place where you get to experience the technology where it belongs; on and in the water. The harbor is filled with both exciting technology and people traveling to the exhibition by boat.

More meeting rooms
In addition to the new hall, several meeting rooms have also been built. This means that there are now better facilities, both for conferences with several hundred participants and small meetings with a handful of persons. Be sure to book meeting rooms well in advance – they are popular.

A wide selection of food services
With everything from food trucks, kiosks and catering at your stand, to a cafeteria, an outdoor restaurant and dining at Lille-Skansen, you can choose according to your heart’s desire when you are hungry or thirsty.

A detailed program and more about logistics, the food service and other opportunities during the exhibition will be published continuously.

The Nor-Fishing foundation

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The Nor-Fishing Foundation
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