August 21st, 2019 by Aqua Nor

40 years with Aqua Nor: Thorvald has been there all the time

The fisheries industry magazine “Norsk Fiskerinæring” has long established itself as a clear voice in both the fishing and aquaculture industries. Thorvald’s father, Thorvald Sr., started the “Norsk Fiskerinæring”  in 1961 – and now his daughter Therese Tande has taken over as general manager. Together, they continue to focus on both print and web.

Thorvald Tande is a well-known name and a familiar face for many in the fishing and aquaculture industries. When we ask him to tell us about 40 years of experience from the industry, he is, in a typical fashion, most concerned with the development around him – and not so much in how the magazine industry has changed over the same period.

Changes over time

– The fair has naturally grown in size during these years. The fair has grown from being a conference and a place you took your family to – to a big trade show where technology is at the centre of events. It fits well with an industry that has gone through a similar professionalization, says Tande.

Always at Aqua Nor

He himself has attended most of the fairs that have been held in Trondheim since he turned 15.

– I was probably there before that time too, but I don’t remember that, he says with a twinkle in his eye.

He always orders the stand for the next year as soon as the exhibition doors are closed.

– There has never been any question about whether we should participate in Aqua Nor and Nor-Fishing. It goes without saying.

The printed version shall live on

Thorvald has been an opinion leader in the industry for decades – and has always been ahead with fact-based work. He himself has always been, and always will be, a supporter of the printed media.

– I have said that we will be the last surviving paper magazine. But then I realized that the postal service may no longer exist – so we must at least survive the Postal Service, says Thorvald junior.

Facts-based knowledge dissemination

The fact-based approach to the dissemination of knowledge is now being continued and further developed by the next generation of Tande.

Therese Tande has been the Managing Director of “Norsk Fiskerinæring” since 2015. Under her leadership, the company has invested heavily in the net.

– Our online portal is a gift to the industry. Here, important historical and current information is readily available. We combine specialist articles, reference books and other services, such as “my favorites” and the Supplier Register.

Easy access through the net

– Now, exhibition visitors who think it’s a bit cumbersome to bring along the entire 250-page magazine we published before Aqua Nor can read it in full online, , says Tande, who agrees in that the paper edition has an important function – but at the same time sees increased potential online and in digital channels.

The future

When asked what “Norsk Fiskerinæring” will look like in 40 years, she is clear.

– We must always be a provider of knowledge. We will never give that up. I am proud of what the generations before me have built up, and we will build on this knowledge-based foundation. The world needs it more now than before.

– Then I can also hope that my son, who had his first school day now on the first day of Aqua Nor 2019, will work closely with me in the company and will be the one who is pushing new distribution solutions that we may not have heard of today, she concludes with a smile.

See more at or pick up the exhibition issue at their stand D-300.

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